• Rand Forrester

    Rand Forrester

  • Ashwin Joshi

    Ashwin Joshi

  • Chris Gonsalves

    Chris Gonsalves

    CEO at Community Gaming (@CommunityGaming), Prev: Investment Analyst @ ConsenSys

  • David K Mehrle

    David K Mehrle

  • Abe Stein

    Abe Stein

    Pretty into BBQ, Basketball, Tech, and Travel… not necessarily in that order. All publications are thoughts of my own… and clearly anybody who likes them.

  • Sanjeet Das

    Sanjeet Das

    VC Consultant @ AVG | Lead PM @ dscout

  • Raymond Lee

    Raymond Lee

    UC Berkeley Data Science Grad Student ‘19.

  • Matt Esposito

    Matt Esposito

    Investment Research & Strategy

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