How Do You Improve the Recruiting Process at Ivy League Schools?

Blue Ivy Ventures interviewed Yale graduate and CEO/Founder at RippleMatch about his experience as a first-time entrepreneur.

RippleMatch is a Davenport dorm room success story. In the fall of 2015, Yale roommates Andrew Myers and Eric Ho were growing frustrated with the recruiting process that top universities were offering to recent graduates. So, they decided to design a better solution themselves. They created RippleMatch to help students seeking jobs and internships after college while providing dream candidates for employers.

Blue Ivy Ventures met up with Andrew Myers, CEO and Founder at RippleMatch, to discuss some lessons he learned as a first-time entrepreneur and how companies can leverage the company’s technology to hire the best candidates.

What is RippleMatch?

RippleMatch is the first product ever to automate the most time-intensive parts of the early career hiring process.

How does RippleMatch work?

Students tell us everything they are looking for in their first job, and employers tell us everything they’re seeking in a candidate. Our software then uses machine learning to help employers and students find the right match. That technology helps remove geography as a barrier to finding great talent and assists companies in increasing diversity and candidate quality, while reducing hiring costs.

What are some of the most interesting lessons as a first time entrepreneur?

Being a first time entrepreneur sometimes feels like you’re drinking from a fire hose. There are these amazing wins and moments of enormous excitement, but the day-to-day grind can be hard and include a million different rejections and small failures.

I’ve found that the skills that get you from 0–5 employees are very different skills than what will get you from 10–20. You’re forced to constantly learn and iterate. You have to have the confidence to inspire and win deals, while also being humble enough to realize where you need help. Luckily, I have a rock of a cofounder in Eric Ho (YC’16) and close-knit team around me.

What are some of the big trends and challenges in campus recruiting these days?

Companies like Goldman Sachs are increasingly recruiting from more schools and relying on video interviews to drive the early stages of their process. This breaks the lock schools like Yale have traditionally had on top-tier finance jobs and opens the door to a host of remote recruiting solutions.

Why do you think that is happening?

Generation Z is extremely comfortable engaging online and has grown up in a world where high-impact visual content is king. Companies are also realizing that throwing up a job description and passing out brochures at an informational session doesn’t bring their company to life and doesn’t attract top talent.

Andrew Myers, CEO and Founder at RippleMatch, on The Top Entrepreneurs Podcast

How can companies improve the recruiting process?

The most innovative companies are investing more in their online brand and creating immersive candidate experiences that go much farther than a traditional job description. And we hope we’re helping them with that at RippleMatch.

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