MIT Entrepreneur in the Spotlight — Matthew Udomphol

Castor Ventures sat down with Matthew Udomphol, CEO of Replenish

Congratulations to Matthew Udomphol, CEO of Replenish, who is doing a great job at helping people eat healthy snacks by providing a wholesome, natural fruit and vegetable smoothie through his team’s automated robotic smoothie machine.

Matthew has a BS in EECS from MIT and built robotic prototypes for the Media Lab before graduating in 2011, he was also elected the alumni class co-president.

What got you to become an entrepreneur?

I experienced my first real ‘high’ of entrepreneurship by selling custom hobby rocket electronics in high school. There’s nothing like the feeling of pouring love into a product, and then seeing and hearing about customers you have never met also share the same joys of using the product.

What motivated you to start Replenish and how did the idea develop into a company?

My health was deteriorating during my BCG days because with lack of time I was eating the most convenient foods — and those foods tend to be the most processed and unhealthy for you. I tried improving my diet by sourcing and making more meals involving fruits and vegetables and found the it to be time consuming and repetitive. Robots are perfect for tasks that are time consuming and repetitive, and thus North American Robotics Corporation was born, which we operate under the name Replenish.

What did you learn in acquiring your first customers?

The immense value of transparency in the modern age, and that consumers are always seeking convenience and a good tasting product.

How has Replenish grown since the beginnings?

We developed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that sold about $1.7M of bottled smoothies before we had a working machine. Over the next month, we will be undergoing our first manufacturing build that is ready for install into the field after almost 1.5 years of successful pilot testing with our clients.

To see how Replenish works, watch this quick video below.

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