National Entrepreneurship Month 2018: Our Favorite Entrepreneurs

Find out which company founders are most inspiring to the Alumni Ventures Group team.

There’s a lot to be excited about during the month of November. Besides turkey, pie, and quality time with family and friends, we’re celebrating the fact that November is National Entrepreneurship Month. While we’re committed to highlighting the creativity and grit of company founders every day of the year, we spent some time this month asking members of the AVG team to tell us about one entrepreneur who is inspiring them right now.

Greg Baker
Managing Partner, Bascom Ventures

“Da Vinci — artists are the ultimate entrepreneurs and Da Vinci combined that with an amazing breadth of technical accomplishments.”

Tom Meyer
Managing Partner, Nassau Street Ventures

“Elon Musk. He is focused on using his talents to save humanity.”

Lynn-Ann Gries
Managing Partner, First Check Fund

“Pleasant Rowland. She created a toy empire (American Girl dolls, etc.) from nothing!”

David Beazley
Managing Partner, Purple Arch Ventures

“Marc Bushala. Everything Marc touches turns to gold. Whether it’s a real estate deal, or building and selling Angel’s Envy, Marc has the right resources and experience to build successful ventures. I am thrilled to finally have my opportunity to invest in him in his latest venture, Heaven’s Door, a premium whiskey brand he’s building with the assistance of Bob Dylan’s intellectual property and support.”

Chris Sklarin
Managing Partner, Castor Ventures

“Michael Martin, the CEO of RapidSOS. He’s doing great things to change the world of emergency response, both in USA and abroad.”

Gail Ball
Managing Partner, Social Impact Fund & Women’s Fund

“Richard Vague is one, the founder of Gabriel Investments. He grew an idea to becoming the largest VISA card issuer in the world in 1998, and his company was eventually sold to Bank One. He also funded the CAR-T lab of Carl June and brought him to Penn. Plus he’s a voracious reader of non-fiction and his children are social entrepreneurs.”

Ludwig Schultze
Managing Partner, Waterman Ventures

“Richard Branson. He’s involved in many eclectic projects, seems to care about his teams and society, and enjoy every minute of it.”

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