Northwestern Entrepreneur in the Spotlight — Jennifer Fried

Purple Arch Ventures sat down with Jennifer Fried from ExplORer Surgical

Jennifer Fried, Co-founder + CEO of ExplORer

What did you study at Northwestern?

I was a double major in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Economics. I was also in one of the first classes of the Kellogg Certificate Program for undergraduates, too. Go Cats!

Did you always think about starting up a company?

Not at all. I was previously a venture capitalist focusing on healthcare investments. I wasn’t planning on starting my own.

So, when did it all start? When did you get the “entrepreneurial bug”?

When I met my co-founder, he was running a research lab at the University of Chicago hospital and he had an idea for a software solution to solve the problems he faced every day in the operating room. With my VC hat on, I saw a huge market opportunity and couldn’t resist getting involved. I began working on the company part-time for several years, and eventually took the leap, leaving my VC job to run the company full-time.

What do you feel sets ExplORer Surgical apart from other companies?

Our interactive surgical playbook improves teamwork in the operating room and increases performance. We take the intra-operative parts of surgical procedures that are typically managed by paper and pencil and put everything into a digital form, where team members can see pictures, videos, tasks, and instrument lists broken down step-by-step live during the procedure.

Here’s a quick video about ExplORer below.

ExplORer Surgical Demo

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