Penn Entrepreneur in the Spotlight — Xingyu Wang

Chestnut Street Ventures sat down with the CEO from Winesona

Xingyu Wang from Winesona

Xingyu Wang graduated in May 2017 from the Wharton MBA program. She credits her academic experience for why she started her company, saying “without Penn or Wharton, I wouldn’t have started Winesona.”

Ever wonder what your “wine genome” is? Winesona is a great way to create your own taste profile for wine through blind tastings. Once they’ve nailed down your palate, they deliver personalized wine experiences based on your unique interests.

For Xingyu, the question was never about if she would become an entrepreneur. The question was more about what was going to be the idea that made her go all in.

Why’d you start Winesona?

I’m a sommelier. I have been a wine educator in Southeast Asia and a wine advisor at a reputable private club in San Francisco. I have always been deeply touched by a wine drinker satisfied with their glass of wine. The euphoria felt when the taste buds are pleased in that way is an experience that anyone can appreciate. But as a somm, we tend to cater to a very small population of wine drinkers. I wanted to do more and bring that love for wine to everyone.

What was that “eureuka” moment?

As a data scientist, I thought about how great it would be to personalize everyone’s wine experiences. I asked a serial entrepreneur friend for advice and he said, “Go ahead, but remember, don’t just do it in a way you like but in a way people like.” Next thing I knew, Winesona was born.

What is your role at Winesona?

Winesona partners with Modernist, a premium private club in San Francisco, to roll out “Your Taste Matters” program

I am the founder and CEO. By that, I mean that I’m the chandelier, the structure that holds the brightest who want to reinvent the wine industry. We have an amazing team of experts from two different worlds — wine and AI — who have made a great impact in their own domains. Now the two worlds are joined and we are pumped to make wine drinking a hassle-free wonderland for you!

What is the company’s goal? At Winesona, we want to reinvent the wine industry to make it more “taste-focused” and not price-focused. But it is more than that. We see it more as a movement. We want to provide future generations with the opportunity to have a deeper persona with wines because everyone’s taste matters.

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