Revolutionizing the Bra Industry: Harper Wilde

Is there a more frustrating experience than searching for the right bra? Harper Wilde is here to ease the pain.

Co-CEOs of Harper Wilde, Jane Fisher (W’17) & Jenna Kerner (W’17)

Jane Fisher and Jenna Kerner graduated from Wharton in May, launched Harper Wilde in June, and are now watching their bra business take off. Chestnut Street Ventures caught up with them to see how it all came to be.

Bra shopping without the BS. Gone are the days of endlessly searching for the right bra at the mall. Harper Wilde boasts a better solution to the problem by allowing its customers the flexibility to try on bras from the convenience of their homes. Along with their home try-on service, they are also simplifying the options, and offering bras for half the price of their competitors. And did we mention that they have front-adjustable bra straps?

Jane Fisher and Jenna Kerner, Co-CEOs of Harper Wilde, bonded over their distaste for the rampant hyper-sexualization in the bra industry. Those talks led to a business idea that solved a problem that they personally felt, and filled an enormous demand in the market.

“We saw an opportunity to offer women a hassle-free experience of buying bras that also spoke to the modern, empowered woman,” said Jenna.

After two years of research and focus groups —and Wharton MBAs in hand — Harper Wilde launched as a solution to the horrors of buying a bra. And they’re off to a strong start with 30% MoM growth since launch.

“We are looking to change the bra shopping experience so that it enables a woman’s busy life and not obstructs it,” said Jane.

With a focus on “boosting the ladies,” they also support women in other ways like partnering with Glamour’s The Girl Project, which donates money to help put young girls through school, and selecting a manufacturer that strives to empower women.

Jane and Jenna are currently seeking seed money to scale their rapid growth.

Check out their hilarious video here:

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