Subspace: Accelerating Internet Performance

The internet is not a monolithic, omnipresent network. In reality, it spans thousands of nodes, backbones, and other devices. When server clusters go down, traffic slows, causing data loss, significant lag, and poor user experiences for real-time online applications.

We see this happen all the time, but it was most apparent to everyone at the height of the global pandemic in 2020. Lockdowns and quarantines pushed people onto the internet in record numbers, as doctor’s visits, work, and even happy hours were pushed online. Comcast reported an increase of 32% of its total traffic, with VOIP calls increasing by 212% from the same time in 2019. The increased demand for internet access and applications like Zoom, Netflix, and others strained the capacities of internet providers.

Alumni Ventures (AV) portfolio company Subspace is on a mission to help companies overcome this challenge. Founded in 2018, Subspace’s goal is to eliminate internet bottlenecks that impact video call quality, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive internet applications. Subspace provides what it calls a “parallel internet” that routes data around high-traffic areas, improving latency and speed for end users.

Millions of gamers and users have utilized Subspace’s network without even realizing it, and now the company aims to bring that same speed and efficiency to consumers. To learn more about their solution, technology, and what AV likes about our investment with them, click below.

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