UC Berkeley Entrepreneur in the Spotlight— Doug Brien

Strawberry Creek Ventures sat down with Doug Brien, CEO from Mynd

Doug Brien, CEO at Mynd

Doug Brien hasn’t taken the usual path to becoming the CEO and Co-founder of Mynd, a property management company for investors by investors. If you look him up, you’ll find that he finished his football career at UC Berkeley as the all-time leading scorer in Cal history. He wasn’t tucked away in some dorm room trying to think of a business idea to spark his career. He was learning everything that he could on the field.

Out of school, he was drafted into the NFL by the 49ers, and had an impressive career playing twelve seasons, becoming a Super Bowl Champion, and earning a ring with San Francisco in 1995. So, what did he do after retiring? Co-founded a real estate investment firm.

How’d you make that transition?

It wasn’t that hard of a transition. Much of what I have always loved about sports I have found in being an entrepreneur. It taught me how to work well on a team, persevere, and compete.

What got you into becoming an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been passionate about real estate technology. It’s a huge industry that is very inefficient — it’s just waiting to be disrupted.

After the NFL, what was the company that you co-founded?

It was a real estate investment firm called Waypoint Homes. I started it with my friend, Colin Wiel, who eventually helped me start Mynd. It was the second largest publicly traded single-family rental REIT in the US. We grew the company to over 600 employees and over $3 billion of assets under management.

Why did you start Mynd?

I wanted to reinvent an industry and change the way that it has always been done. I co-founded Mynd to apply systems, technology, and data to the specific area of property management in order to make real estate assets more efficient and profitable for owners and investors.

Hear more about the minds behind Mynd in this quick video below.

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