VC/Unpacked #9: The VC Twitterverse

This series curates great content that folks interested in entrepreneurism and venture capital should explore. Some are from my own must list; others have been suggested by our community. Have a recommendation? Tell us about it.

Hi AVG Community,

Twitter contains a universe of minds — and that includes a robust representation of venture capitalists. They run the gamut from provocative to thoughtful, inspirational, optimistic, and contrarian. Below I offer some recommendations on reliably good accounts to follow, as well as a few meta articles about venture capitalists on Twitter. For those who don’t have time for books or even podcasts, this is a great way to plug into venture trends, philosophies, and opportunities.

Venture on,

- Mike Collins

These VC firms consistently share great insights:

VC partners and investors are also an invaluable source of wisdom. These are some personal accounts that I follow:

  • Benedict Evans (Venture Partner at Mosaic Ventures and Entrepreneur First, Former Partner at Andreessen Horowitz) — @benedictevans
  • Bilal Zuberi (Partner at Lux Capital) — @bznotes
  • Bryce Roberts (Co-Founder and Managing Director at OATV and — @bryce
  • Chris Fralic (Board Partner at First Round) — @chrisfralic
  • Jay Kapoor (Investor with LaunchCapital) — @jaykapoornyc
  • Josh Elman (Former General Partner at Greylock) — @joshelman
  • Leo Polovets (General Partner at Susa Ventures) — @lpolovets
  • Li Jin (Founder and General Partner at Atelier Ventures) — @ljin18
  • Marc Andreessen (Co-Founder of Andreessen Horowitz) — @pmarca
  • Sarah Cone (Founder and General Partner at Social Impact Ventures) — @sarah_cone
  • Semil Shah (Venture Partner at Lightspeed, Investor with Haystack) — @semil
  • Sheel Mohnot (Co-Founder of Better Tomorrow Ventures) — @pitdesi

Here are some entertaining reads on the VC Twitter sphere:

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