Yale Entrepreneur in the Spotlight — April Koh

Blue Ivy Ventures sat down with April Koh, CEO and Co-founder of Spring Health

April Koh (Timothy Dwight, ‘14+2) is CEO and Co-founder of Spring Health, a company founded and incubated through the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute.

What does Spring Health do?

Spring is reinventing the mental health care experience by using proprietary machine-learning to match mental health patients to the right treatment for them and delivering care through high-quality virtual providers. We pride ourselves on accurately identifying the treatment that will work best for a patient, meaning patients get better faster. Our machine-learning algorithms have been proven to double the chances that patients will get better (JAMA Psychiatry, Lancet Psychiatry).

Where is Spring in its development?

We have raised $2M in institutional capital to date. We have also won multiple honors from the American Psychiatric Association and Yale University. We’re now headquartered in NYC — and have a number of open positions. Our growing in-house team is supplemented by a Scientific Advisory Board and Clinical Advisors.

What do you find affirming and rewarding about your role?

Ever since we started Spring, more people open up to me about their personal mental health issues and their experiences with a deeply broken mental health care system. Even though I already knew there was a huge need before we started Spring, I see an even greater need now.

Innovating in healthcare is notoriously difficult, but I’m deeply inspired by every friend who confides in me about their personal mental health struggle and by every person who says that Spring helped them. I’m relishing this opportunity to reinvent mental health care from the ground up, alongside some of the most brilliant people I know. My co-founders are brilliant; they’re my best friends (Yale friends!); and I’m building a complex, meaningful product that helps people every day. It’s a privilege.

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