Yale Entrepreneur in the Spotlight — Monisha Perkash

Blue Ivy Ventures sat down with Monisha Perkash from Lumo Bodytech

Monisha from Lumo Bodytech

Monisha Perkash is the CEO and Co-founder at Lumo Bodytech, an AI-powered motion science company that develops digital solutions to optimize human movement for better health and performance. The Lumo platform powers a variety of wearable tech solutions, including Lumo-branded consumer products, as well as products of major sports and healthcare brands.

What got you into being an entrepreneur? During my childhood and the early part of my career, I didn’t get much exposure to entrepreneurship and never considered it — in fact, I was pre-med at Yale and was admitted to medical school. However, during what was intended to be a one-year stint in California doing community service with AmeriCorps, I found myself energized by the Silicon Valley startup scene. I saw the potential of technology to scale products and services and to impact millions of lives, and I was inspired to walk away from medical school and instead enroll in Stanford’s MBA program, where I took many entrepreneurship classes (and also suffered through classic accounting…credits and debits still confound me). After Stanford, I launched my first startup, TuitionCoach, focused on providing online guidance for making college affordable. After selling TuitionCoach to another company, I knew I had “caught the entrepreneurial bug” and wanted to do it again. Given that health and fitness have always been a personal passion, Lumo Bodytech was my next calling.

What is your Yale connection? I graduated from Yale College in 1996. Other than immigrating to the U.S. from Nepal, no other event has been more impactful on my life trajectory than my time at Yale, and I continue to feel deeply grateful to the school and community — a gratitude that helps fuel my entrepreneurial drive.

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